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Pain Management Clinic


A Focused Approach to Quality of Life

Regional Spine & Wrist Center offers a Pain Management Clinic directed by board-certified physicians. Our program is an extension of our non-surgical, non-invasive approach to overcoming pain associated with acute and chronic conditions. Our primary focus is promoting quality of life for our patients; helping them reach their goals for daily activity, functionality and range of motion.

Program Overview

Our Pain Management Clinic is based upon a prescription medication program. Each patient receives a comprehensive exam and assessment of their conditions with a board-certified physician. The physician will recommend a treatment program that addresses each individual’s health goals.

Our Pain Management Clinic is used in conjunction with regular treatment programs for a comprehensive approach to care. At times, it may be offered as a standalone service for patients with conditions that do not respond to other forms of therapy.

Patients who practice healthy living habits such as healthy diet, moderate exercise & stretching, good sleep and regular medical care experience the greatest benefit from Pain Management Clinic services.

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